Starting Fresh

I always wanted to develop a product, something tangible that I could stand behind and say, “I made this!”  Given the recent revival of handcrafted cocktails (and our enjoyment of them), my wife Leslie, challenged me to create a delicious cocktail mixer. I saw an opportunity to enhance a too often neglected cocktail — the Gin and Tonic.

Armed with determination, a bag full of groceries, tree bark (we’ll get to that later), a love of cooking and a bit of knowledge (thanks to my mixologist brother-in-law David at Prato) I set out to create an all-natural tonic syrup with a twist.  While I would honor traditional tonic notes of citrus and bitter, I wanted to use non-traditional flavors to create a syrup that was completely different from any other on the market. 

Dozens of batches later, the result is Strong Tonic, an extraordinary syrup that allows you to control the sweetness of a cocktail to your choosing. Extracting quinine from cinchona bark, our flavor profile delivers an intricate array of sweet, spicy and bitter notes which pair with the finest spirits in the world. 

Professionally formulated using my home recipe and all-natural ingredients, Strong Tonic doesn’t just make great Gin and Tonics, it makes exceptional drinks…period!

In the coming weeks, I will be posting recipes and videos showing how Strong Tonic helps create refreshing cocktails with just about any spirit you can think of (bourbon, tequila and vodka just to name a few).  I hope you will join me for the ride, and enjoy a few “Strong” cocktails along the way.

Thank you for your support!