Extraordinary tonic syrups that enhance the common cocktail

Get Strong!

Original Strong Tonic
Our Original tonic syrup is anything but traditional

Extraordinary in taste, Strong Tonic blends non-traditonal and classic tonic flavors to create a sophisticated flavor profile that challenges the status quo. Inspired by artisan cocktails, Strong Tonic was fashioned to enhance the modern cocktail and spark the creativity of the professional mixologist and home cocktail crafter alike.

hibiscus-newHibiscus Strong Tonic
Bitter. Sweet. Delicious.

Hibiscus Strong Tonic, naturally tart with hints of vanilla and cinnamon and a buttery bitter finish, brings a bright new flavor profile to tonic syrups. Dazzling red in color, sweetened with cane sugar and agave and utilizing quinine extracted from cinchona bark, Hibiscus Strong Tonic is not just for G&Ts. From Mules, Margaritas, Cosmos and Dark & Stormy’s, our Hibiscus tonic syrup gives a new twist to classic cocktails.

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STRONG Gin and Tonic

In a cocktail shaker, add:

  • Handful of ice
  • 1.5 oz premium gin
  • .75 oz STRONG Tonic™
  • 3oz soda water
  • Stir and strain into a rocks glass
  • Garnish with citrus
  • Cheers!
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